Sara’s List

Who is Sara? What happened to her?

Books to finish:

  • The poetry of Edward Abbey, Earth Apples –> finish intro and see if you like to continue with the rest of the book
  • Zsuzsi Gartner’s “all the Anxious girls on earth” – > last 2 stories in the collection
  • David Kuhl’s “What Dying People Want”–> re-read chapter 5 and finish rest of the 9 chapters
  • Catherine Millet’s “The Sexual Life of Catherine M.” – p. 149 -> maybe skip chapter “confined spaces” then jump to next chapter?
  • Rediscovering the lost body-connection within Christian spirituality – > decide whether you want to read this book or consider giving it away
  • The Adobo Road Cookbook: a Filipino food journey –> dare I experiment with barbecued pig’s ears?

Things to do this week:

  • Hand wash wool socks and silk blouse
  • Pack up nursery room – > sell items in Craiglist? ask Rita if she needs/wants any of the items for Jack and donate the rest to Aunt Leah’s Closet
  • Hair cut
  • Pay overdue fine at the library –> online OK
  • Cancel appointment with divorce lawyer
  • Try asking John again if he’s ready to see marriage counselor
  • Register for new yoga class –> try Zumba this time? Both? 
  • Call clinic and donate rest of the embryos to other couples 
  • Get tulips from garden shop and plant in front yard
  • Check lavender in the backyard –> maybe re-pot?
  • Make nursery room to reading room? Ask John what he thinks.
  • Think about a trip somewhere warm –> Costa Rica? Florida? Somewhere farther? Cambodia – maybe visit the Angkor Wat? John would like the Angkor Wat.



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